Special Breed

I love being around genuine guys, no pretense no whining, willing to take a risk, ready to let it rip and see what God can do in spite of us. The best part about tonight was the genuine excitement coming from a local planter and his first harvest program, it was GREAT to go over to cheer him on and find it was a full house and the best part was he did not need any cheering on from me !!

His people love being around him, his folks were great and so proud of their son. It was just a great experience all around.

So Anthony, hats off to you and everyone @ 180


Just amazing to me


I remember when I used to send orders to my vendors on at old Telex machine, wow what technology it was. I am sitting on a train listening to my old love Folk Alley and posting to a blog all at 80 MPH.



Celebration of Friendship

One of the joys of our Sunday gathering is also one of the most central aspects of of the Christian experience.The Lord’s Supper, it is a  symbolism of a meal that was shared between friends and and represents a time of togetherness So many of the get together’s I have with family and friends seem to revolve around a meal, it just makes us comfortable.

The Communion experience reminds me of these great times of celebration and our shared joy with Jesus, it also brings so many of us into a time of togetherness with that common bond of Christ between us. Every Sunday at JTNP I meet people from all over the world, it happened last year at Doheny State Park as well, different cultures, different traditions but the common bond of Christ.

Sometimes people looking in from the outside do not see the Communion table as a connection to what we see, a remembrance of Christ and his finished work on the cross. They seem to see it as a silly ritual or perfunctory exercise. But it is not, it is a celebration of Gods love towards us. I hope we never let the Communion celebration become just another ritual, it needs to remain a meaningful celebration.

I know many people today are struggling with what seems to be the weight of the world on their backs, I understand in the midst of that, it is difficult to share in a celebration but I hope this week when we approach the Communion table we can leave some of those burdens behind if only for a moment and focus on the reason for the remembrance, it is a celebration of friendship we have with Jesus.

See you Sunday


On the lighter side

I found this a very funny video, I know it is because of my Irish roots and many of you might think I am nuts but bear with me on this one 🙂


Going the distance, Little Victories


I will take them when I can, I had a minor but distracting mental conversation on the train ride home tonight, self pity reigned. I was pretty sure God had closed a door that I was sure should have been opened. I came home and opened the mail, not only had He kicked the door down but He extended the “miracle” FOUR times the limit we are allowed or expecting. I wish I could let you know what it was but I need to keep it to myself for now.

We will be in the park this weekend, me and my little Church in a box………….

As you step out in the night take a lesson from the trees
Watch the way they learn to bend with each breeze
Little victories
Every-time you make it through
It’s another little victory
Day by day minute by minute
Little victories ( Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet band )

See you Sunday