Just received ( a ) my Christmas present

What a great week it has been, thinking back over the last few weeks of my life I realized just what a blessed man I am. I spent the best part of the year, Fall and Christmas with a great group of people I call friends at ALCC. We had a Christmas eve service that was the best, great friends sharing laughs, coffee and food 🙂

Then Christmas day was one of the best in memory, we had all three of the kids home all at once, that has not happened in three or four years.

Then I connected with a guy, one of two that are dear to me, and that were instrumental in my Christian development some 22 years ago in Vermont. I remember, I was a guy from Southern California, new to this foreign frozen land of Vermont, I was only there a few weeks when I connected with Gordon C and we just hit it off, he invited me to his Bible Study and we just connected. Well I found one of them on Facebook this week, Pal T and he was a great mentor and friend  to me . We would get together for lunch and discuss everything Bible, study the text, work it through and just enjoy each others company.

I had my first opportunity to preach in this very Norman Rockwell looking church in Brattleboro Vt. I remember just how terrified I was that first sermon, my knees were knocking and I think I read the entire text word for word, never looked up to see if anyone was still in the pews 🙂 it was like just yesterday.

What I took away from that experience and try to practice today is to make sure I find a way to let people that want to serve in ministry have an outlet to do so, Pal, Gordon, Steve all gave me just that opportunity, heck they even let me preach many more times even after that first attempt at being a young Billy Graham.

Anyway, just reflecting on where I am today, I am serving in ministry now because of the character of three men that found a way to let me test the waters, they did not try to keep me away,they did not try to stifle the zeal of an new whippersnapper from So Cal, for that I am forever greatful.

Oh, the Christmas present……. not only am I missing my long lost love, tonight, Vermont but today I got in the mail the ESV Journaling Bible that I have been wanting for two years, finally got it !! what a joy, I feel like , ohh you know the image of Snoopy dancing around in happy glee, that’s me.

Just felt like blabbing about it, and it’s my blog so there you are.


Facebook Blogging experiment

I have been using WordPress for four years to blog on, well since I started using Facebook I have not been blogging much. So I found this application and thought I would give it a try. I have enjoyed blogging as a way to journal and keep friends, family and churc updated to a different side of me 🙂 so, This post is just to see how it works