Vintage Life lives on !

Well, about a year and a half ago I ran into guy that I have come to enjoy as a friend and confidant. We met at a church planters meeting in Riverside and we just clicked. We have prayed for their church all this time and Pastor Jeff has filled in for me at ALCC twice. They are at a major crossroad in their ministry and re-looking at where and how they reach the community  they serve.

Currently they meet at a school in Fontana, well currently until tonight. We at ALCC are teaming up with Pastor Jeff for a season, we do not know how long that season will be or what form it will take, but we are thrilled that we can work side by side with them.

I know ( from personal experience ) when a plan for what you feel in your heart is ordained by God, lead with prayer and full of the Holy Spirit’s guidance, Christ focused , changes direction it can be a time of heartache, you start to doubt so many things, you wonder why, how, what….well Vintage Life is NOT going away, they are regrouping and doing it with friends in a safe loving environment. All of us at ALCC are looking forward to hearing Dustin join Rick in the worship of Christ, we look forward to hearing Pastor Jeff  teach, we all look forward to seeing the smiling faces of our friends from Vintage Life.

I do not know how all this will play out, I know Jeff wants to minister to people in our community, I know he is going to be starting a mid week service ( plans still in the works ) but most of all, we all want to glorify Jesus and make Him know to people that do not know Him.

So , as this all unfolds, please keep ALCC-Vintage Life in your prayers, my great prayer is when we come together we see us as a united church, focused on Jesus. I know that this will be a great partnership and I can not wait to see God’s soverign plan unfold right in front of our eyes.

Please, pray for direction,grace,mercy. May this partnership be one of unity, so ALCC, lets welcome Vintage Life, and Vintage Life, do not feel like this is not home, you are not visitors, please call it home and let Vintage Life live on in your new home.

Welcome, we so look forward to this, your friend,Pastor and partner


shepherds conference

I am trying the WordPress app for blackberry to keep you updated. So far we have had two great sessions,MacArthur opened with a powerfull message, then great lunch they were able to feed 3000 men in 45 min without a hitch. Every where I turn there is food,drink,helpful staff. Then a great session on coming to the prep of your another session.