Finished up book 2

What a great little book, I think the best parts are the last few chapters written by Jay Wegter, they are the nuts and bolts of how to put the information in the first half of the book into action.

I went through an interview a few years back and was asked about my views about the ‘Emergent” church, although the interviewer was pretty disingenuous in his questioning and couching his questions cloaked in “code” he never used the term “Emergent” anyway, I am not a fan of the whole “new way ” of doing church and let it be know in the answers I gave.  Well since I am still at ALCC and NOT at another church I guess you can tell they did not like my answers.

This book really lays out “my” case as to whay the whole emergent thing is whack, but much better in verbalizing it.

I guess it should be considered that whenever the “supposed” things of god and the people of god ( lowercase on purpose ) become popular with the inhabitants of the fallen world, we would be wise to be cautious . Remember the Jews persecuted and or killed most of their own prophets      ( not an anti-Semitic statement, just historical )  Acts 7:52 The apostles/disciples were despised by the world, and Jesus was murdered by those He came to save. Jesus pronounced a blessing on those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness Matt 5:11 and He warned us if they persecuted Him, they will also persecute you John 15:20 Why do you think that is….Paul tells us in 1 Cor 1:18 it is the message of the cross. So , if we find a message or ministry or “emergent” church being praised by unbelievers or Larry King or….you can rest assured that the message being proclaimed in more in line with the worldview of  then non-regenerated unbeliever or a message that  is being proclaimed is so neutered as to not glorify Christ and the finished work of the cross, that is is not the good news at all, it is a different gospel Galatians 1:6 and when you have a different gospel, you are just lost, you may as well join a glee club or local knitting team .

If we do not proclaim Christ and Him crucified in order to soften the gospel, if we would rather not offend people coming into the church in order to fill the pews, we have changed the good new into a psychology or a pep-talk but pep-talks and a changed gospel can be lined up from here to eternity  , but those alternate gospels are not the basis of truth, or of life only the pure Word of God is.

Well all this made sense when I started out but I may be rambling….. It might be the Doc Watson in my ears