Needed night off


Hi Guys

It has been a while since I posted much, I have been running in a thousand different directions ans feel like I was about to drop. Last night to my great surprise I received a belated birthday gift and it could not have come at a better time. My dear sister and her great husband dropped a pair of tickets on me to a concert that I never would have purchased on my own, not because I do not like kd Lang or Lyle Lovett on the contrary, I love them but I guess I am a cheap skate and feel my Irish Catholic roots are strong and my deprivation of fun brings me one step closer to God, how wrong was that. With kd langs opening song just one minute into it I felt closer to God than I have in a while, she nailed it.

Lovett put on a show that was unbelievable as well, the building was just full of fun and joy,the venue was great because there was not a bad seat in the house. I am thrilled I was able to relax long enough to soak it in, the only thing I guess that would have made it better is if Megan was with me, she would have loved kd,

I have a big summer ahead of me, we look like we will start the new church service mid September, I will keep you posted as I nail down the date.


Really interesting video

This guy really it a thought provoking, well reasoned man. Some of his stuff to be honest is beyond me, some of the words he uses I have not heard since college and even then I needed my thesaurus and dictionary to figure them out. That being said, he has a ton of great information, I have never spoken to him but from his writings he seems like a genuine guy, check him out HERE

and the video HERE