Words Matter

I have been dormant on the blog for a couple of years, Facebook and life seemed to have set a new path and most interaction now a days is Facebook driven. I have been wanting to get some of my thoughts over the last few years written down for a few reasons,one of them is just to unload it from my head. I hope for no other reason than to enlighten myself , get words on paper to open my head and see what and why I believe like I do.

I am a total outsider in my in my family, I hope to fill that in as I move forward.  I want to write a book on the ‘Red Letters” of the Bible and how they impact my life. I know it will be a challenge and because I am Bi-Vo with seasonal roadblocks it might be hit and miss, but I am allocated 24 hours a day and will attack them as I can.

Matthew 3:15 to follow