This sure helped

nice cards

I went to the mailbox this morning and found a beautiful card there, it realy made my day, then after church when I got back home I found another card on my Bible, that was just great. Then after lunch with some great people from ALCC, I went home and had a cup of coffee and checked Facebook and email. Well on Facebook was a post from someone I do not know to someone I do know, and my beloved ALCC was mentioned.

The topic was someone backed into her car and she was bummed out about it. The ( person I do not know) replied to this post and mentioned she had a bad experience at ALCC sometime back in our history, someone bashed her car and never owned up to it and that should have been or was a sign of things to come.…She was a victim of a church squabble and break up that I am sure left her in the ditch. It broke my heart to think of the great people we have at ALCC and how may people over the years were , well just not treated in a Christ like manor, for that I am so sorry. I know it happened before my watch but what kills me is it is happening all over the world , people getting trounce at a place that should be a loving Christ centered place, His church. So to all those out there that have been trampled by church folk,,,,,,I am sharing my cards with you, we are not all like that.

I went to reach out but ended up just deleting the emails, after all, she does not know me .

I sign of with Tone, from my heart ,not Mike……… Look ——> at the side bar to see why——>