Ok, cussing pastors, and more embarrassment to Christianity

It never seems to stop, we try to be part of the world by using words coupled with Holy,you know, Cow, Crap, etc. Then we yap about bodily functions, you know, I am so “pissed”. Then we try to offer folks something more than they can get in the real world they live in, Is it no wonder people think we are nuts.

We should try think through the things we say with the WWWDIOKST

What Would We Do If Our Kids Said This……. not put up with it is my guess, or maybe not.



Vulgarity and Pastors, what gives


Ok, I just don’t get it, if you have an idea as to why the new seemingly up and coming cutting edge, ahead of the curve emergent types feel they are cool by being able to use “crap’ in a sentence please fill me in. I am not sure but over the past year or so I have noticed a couple of things that are odd at best.

  • The use of the word crap from Pastors
  • The need for the same to press the macho button and all this guys are tough stuff.

What is going on, why the sudden need for these guys to fall into the trap of tough guy. Is it a joke that I missed,

For those that care, please think it through, Holy and a vulgarity in the same sentence, is it really cool or is it shameful

Clean it up


Definitions of holy on the Web:
holy place: a sacred place of pilgrimage
belonging to or derived from or associated with a divine power

Holiness means the state of being holy, that is, set apart for the worship or service of God or gods. It is most usually ascribed to people, but can be and often is ascribed to objects, times, or places.

Set apart or made right by God.



Churches are made up of people, just like you and I, we all have our own goals, experiences, desires, dreams and vision for what a Church should be. We all have what Freud referred to as an ego, battling every day with what is right, wrong, and in our best interest.
Don’t look aghast at everyone else’s ego because I am sure what tossed you into the planting ring was in some way, ego. Your drive, your need to lead, your need you be out in front of the curve, I know it sounds like I am crazy or I am making a giant leap but I think it takes some ego, drive and I want to be in charge kind of thinking to make all of this work. Ok, the paradigm, and here it is. We enjoy the roll of leader or else we would not want to be out in front planting a church,balance that against humility and what do you get……a real battle of the ego and the Holy Spirit.How do we make that balance work? Well, if we let the ego lead we become an ineffective leader, doing all the work on our own and only asking for Divine intervention to pull us out of the fire.If we hook up with the Holy Spirit and let the Lord lead, we are just as susceptible to a bumpy road but we know if we are intune to His leading we can overcome the bumps.What should we do, we should park it, let the Holy Spirit lead, let him open doors, let him set us on the path, let him close the doors that need closing, let him humble us into a sure path of joy that only comes when we can set the ego on the curb and turn it all over to him.
Our self perceived creativity, our self perceived I can do it all, our self perceived I am in control should be tossed to the wind and we should let the direction of God take the place of our simple little egos.
The ego wants to take control take credit, take center stage, it is a flash point of, hey I am in control, but every time we accomplish something and we meet our goals, we take from the Holy Spirit the accomplishment He made and we take away from those around us that work so hard to make everything work behind the scenes. We advance, we look good, and we think we are in control but the truth is, we are only where we are because of those around us that never take center stage or credit.
So what do we do, being a leader, a pastor, and a shepherd? We need to allow others to shine, we need to allow others to bring what they have to offer to the table, we need to let those who want to serve, SERVE. We need to understand it is not about us but it is about Jesus, can we step out of the way long enough to let our egos take back stage and allow Jesus and community shine. I hope so!!
Leadership is about allowing others the opportunity to achieve and flourish. You shine as a Pastor only when you allow  your sheep to graze in the field and place your egos at he door step.. So many of us are not able to do this. Our churches might still succeed based upon our drive, our success our vision, but we are not true leaders unless we can allow others  to reach their full potential.
In closing, let those how want to serve, SERVE.