Teardrop Freebies

One of the things I am finding out is, there is a “cult” in the Teardrop community, everyone wants to share and everyone wants to talk about the “build” and I am always on the lookout for stuff 🙂 Tonight I had a call from my brother to swing by and pick up a bunch of stuff to help on the camper. I picked up a table saw,band saw,clamps,spare wood…..but best of all, some great ideas.

I want to get back at it tomorrow but….I am desert bound, it will have to wait a week.

Yucca Valley…………..here I come…………


Tear Drop build day four

Well today was six hours of work, some frustration and a busted thumb 🙂 nothing major just lots of blood. I came up with a way to save time and wondered why no one else ever came up with this brilliant idea, I found out why, it will not work. As you can see in one of the pictures, I have the trailer frame, insulation, wood frame and then floor. Well my idea was to just lay them down in this order and save time cutting out the insulation to fit the wood frame, the reason it does not work is because the insulation compresses when I tighten down the floor to the trailer frame. No big deal , I just undid it and corrected my ways.

So now it is trailer frame, wood frame, cut insulation and floor. I did not bolt it down yet, I needed to tinker with the wiring, after a bit of figuring 🙂 I have electrical working now too. Next week I start the sides, I am committed now so I hope it works.


Tear Drop Camper build day three

Today I was able to get the base frame and insulation done. I coated the floor with a sealant. It might be hard to see in the pictures but from the bottom up I have

  • The trailer frame
  • 3/4 inch Styrofoam with aluminum backing
  • 2×3 fir framing
  • 3/8 inch exterior plywood

The wiring is run along the frame, I am not sure I like the way I have it so I will not bolt the floor to the frame today, I need to rethink it.


Tear Drop Camper Build

Well, the trailer showed up this morning, I bought this thing 20 years ago when I was building out the cabin at Lake Arrowhead, it hauled drywall and lumber up and down the hill for a couple of years. Then it was “borrowed” by a friend and he had it for 10 years, I got it back and it sat in the back of the church for a couple of years, then it was “borrowed” again for a few years, Well I got it back today and it is a mess. I am almost embarrassed to post the before photos but I know the finished