Work Toward Organization in Intercessory Prayer

“We are ministers. We owe it to our people to pray for every single one of them. We know them and we should pray for them one by one. How? Be strategic. Have set lists that you have organized and categorized to pray for other people. Newton said his best friends were those who prayed for him. It will be encouraging to your people for them to know you are praying for them. I take the church directory and pray for the people on one page each day. You love your people and you know their needs.”


This is something I adopted years ago, I keep a list with me and pray for people by name. A mentor of mine sends me a text every Sunday for the last three years, just letting me know he prays for me. I try to do the same, not only for the people in our church but also for local pastors and a few I know across the country.

I am in the process of putting my thoughts together on the subject of prayer, it is a journey to be sure.