Wondering if it is still worth it…..

trendlinesI was working on the Church website and out of curiosity I wondered if people were coming to the site or if it was just an expense and yet one more thing on my plate to look after. Well looking at the stats and when people are clicking on the site, I found it interesting, the trends are Saturday Sunday and Monday are the most active, I figured Saturday people are looking for a local church to visit, which is great, Sunday again, last minutes shoppers, then Monday…… I figured that was the day most people look to see my contact info so they could set me straight after Sunday 🙂

Looking at the clicks, I see the referrals on my blog are mainly coming from the church website, so I got me  thinking about this old blog of mine. I looked back and see I started blogging in 2006, I saw the trend line of my blogging activity peek in 2011 and declined on an almost straight line to 2015. That is about the same time I started Facebook,

Again, thinking out-loud, and looking at my old posts on the blog and Facebook I noticed yet another trend, my blog posts really shared what was happening in my life, good, bad and ugly, painful and joyous times , my Facebook posts were just snippets and not really a real window into my life, it in many way reminds me of the early days on the net when I was involved in forums around things I enjoyed, investing sites, scouting stuff , running and jogging sites, I remember all the flaming going on in those forums and I look back and remember how I did not like it.

So, it got me thinking about Facebook today, all the flaming going on, and side taking, and etc…. all that to say, I think I will try keep up with my blog, I can expand on topics and not have to get in the middle if a firestorm. I will keep the church website going too because I see it is attracting visitors, and Facebook, I will stick around because I love following family and friends, but I will pare back on the friend count.