An Gorta Mór


The Great Famine

Busted my buns for a few weeks so once again I am letting the music take me down a notch. Every time I listen to this one, it does what all good Irish music does, makes a grown man cry.

It reminds me of what a looser I have been over the last year, My parents are 2 hours away, my sister, 2 hours, three brothers within an hour. I have only seen one brother once since August, the others maybe twice. I will do what I can to sort that out.

This song is a sad love song, over the course of 7-8 years the Famine in Ireland took it’s toll on many families, the country lost 25% of it’s people, a  million dead, a million or so emigrated.The political side of the debate still lingers as does the bitterness of many. This song was written based on a series of letters from a father to his son who left Ireland for America for a short visit, well thirty years later the song plays out to a sad end….

I am off to my hot Cup O Tea and more music. I have a big weekend, worship workshop tomorrow , Church Sunday with the worlds best people  my friends at ALCC

Blessings to all,


The Deconstruction began


Not a bad run at it, in just two nights I have managed to rip out all of the cabinets in the kitchen and get it ready to make it a kitchen once again.One of the things that really struck me was just how much junk one church could collect, we have more unopened packages of “stuff” from Staples than you can imagine, looks like someone had an open expense account and went wild, just how many staples can we use in , say a hundred years, unreal. We have construction paper that goes back at least six years that I have been there and I know it was never touched, MAN o MAN .

Anyway, it is coming together so if you have any free time, stop in and lend a hand