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What a great few weeks at ALCC   This Sunday we had  Stephanie Boyd and her husband Jim visit us from Temecula, she led us in worship with some current music and a song she wrote herself. All of it was fantastic. Her husband Jim is the director of Southwest Church Planting Ministries and a good friend on my ministry.

We also finalized our relationship with another local ministry to use some of our facilities during hours that we are not using them. House to Home ministries is going to be a great fit for ALCC, they are like minded in outreach and serving the local neighborhood and so far really easy to work with.

On kind of a bummer note, and this one I just can not figure out. We are letting a local church plant park their truck in our lot, well some not so thoughtful people thought it would be fun to throw a brick through the windshield of their truck. I guess they had nothing better to do. My first thought was to track them down and let them have it 🙂 then I realized this might be a better opportunity to pray for them, so we opted for the prayer option.

ALCC’s website is getting many new visitors, it looks like they are clicking in from all over the country, East and West.  Anyway, the train is pulling into the station, my stop is next.

More later


Would You Invite Him To Your Church

Career Criminal in Iowa Sentenced to Church for 8 Consecutive Sundays

Some career criminals do time. One in Iowa has already been in the slammer — so now he’s doing church.

Pachino Hill, 29, must go to Baptist services for eight consecutive Sundays —

Would you  I invite him, I would hope I would . Not many churches find a place at the table for the down and out, we think we do but……..

is there room in the church this Sunday for those truly on the fringe. As I head into the Easter weekend I hope there is room for one more down N outer in the pews ………


Powerful New Music From Paul Clark


A fantastic friend of our ministry has just released a CD that is beyond powerful. CLICK HERE to listen. I find the very best way to listen to it , is with the headphones on cranked way up 🙂 We used the song last Sunday and it really highlighted the message and the power of the resurection. Please feel free to pass it around to your friends. HERE is his website, Check out his guitars 🙂 I know envy is a sin but………



Patrick the Patron Saint of church planters


St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, might just be the “Patron Saint” of some church planters. In his writings he points out some of his many shortcomings and his great zeal to reach the “unchurched” in Ireland, two of the things that parallel my journey. In his Letter to Coroticus, written because soldiers had kidnapped Irish Christians that he had just converted and he was furious. Although Patrick was a gentle and humble man of faith he reached the people of Erin in spite of his stature in life.

His limited education, in Law and Theology was no stumbling block to the “community” he was reaching. The reason, I believe was he was lead by and open to the Holy Spirit, and as Acts 8:12 puts it “But when they believed Philip as he preached the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women.”

During Patrick’s captivity in the Irish wilderness he comes to know the God he missed as a child, although he was born into a Christian family (his father Calpurnius was a deacon; his grandfather Potitus a priest) yet he “did not know God.” Galatians 4:8 “Formerly, when you did not know God, you were slaves to those who by nature are not gods.” It is ironic that Patrick, as a slave found the God he missed as a free child and he takes on the same concern for the Irish that Paul had for the Galatians.

Although Patrick regrets his educational achievements, his crystal clear understanding of the Doctrine of the Trinity, the Love of Christ for the lost and the redemption found only in Jesus, was the start of Christianity breaking out on the Island of Éireann and spreading throughout the world.

Though Patrick wasn’t the first missionary to Ireland, an unsuccessful Palladius preceded him. He was the first who was successful. And he took Christianity to people outside the Roman Empire. In their own community and culture.

Patrick also has a record of speaking out against slavery and was a defender of women and children. In his Confessio he writes of a woman who becomes a leader among Christian women and goes on to express grief that women held in slavery had the worst lot of all. In his regard for women and for the sanctity of life Patrick was a Planter ahead of his times.

  • Kidnapped by pirates at age 16
  • Embarrassed at lack of education
  • Finds God while herding pigs(?)
  • Escapes, guided by a voice
  • Recalled to Ireland by dream
  • A childhood confession returns to haunt him
  • Boasts of bringing religion to the Irish
  • Baptises a beautiful Irish princess
  • And this is my confession before I die.”
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

st paddys day

Just a reminder , it is a day to remember a great church planter, missionary, evangelist,Christ follower.

It makes me crazy that today has been hijacked by a non-believing society, it is so much more that goofy green hats and ratty tasting green beer

“Christ, protect me today against an untimely death that I may receive abundant reward. Christ with me. Christ before me. Christ behind me. Christ within me. Christ with the soldier. Christ with the traveler. Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me. Christ in every eye that sees me. Christ in every ear that hears me. Praise to the Lord of my salvation! Salvation in Christ the Lord.”

St. Patrick

Southwest Church Planters Forum


what a great time it was, Jim and staff did a great job. The food was great, seeing a bunch of guys from all different denominations with the same intent, to plant reproducing churches is great. The main speaker was a genuine guy speaking from the heart. More later, I am coming up on my train station ………….


One 80 Ministries, Joshua Tree CA


If you are coming to Joshua Tree national Park and need a place to Worship, my friends at One 80 Ministries are the best in town. They will take you as you are, they are very welcoming to climbers, campers, hikers in the National Park. You can email them HERE and they will fill you in.