Mile High Wedding

One of the best things about ministry is sharing in the joy and love of a wedding. I especially enjoy it when it can be shared with someone you have a real love for, that is what I get to do this August.

A dear friend of mine, a friend of 30 years is going to tie the knot this summer and I get to be part of the joy and share in the expression of love that weddings bring. In the conversation we had over lunch today it was so clear that the love she has for her beau is real and deep, I know they will make an incredible couple and I know he is one lucky dude.

Now for the mile high part.

Tallest building west of the Mississippi

This is the best part, we will be doing the wedding on top of the Heliport on the tallest building west of the Mississippi. First you take an elevator up 60 some odd floors, then a freight elevator another 5-10 floors , then walk up another 3-4 floors THEN a ladder up one flight, ohh but the fun will not stop there, you must shimmy up a closed in ladder bolted to the wall ( outside) then you land on the roof, ohh but there is more, you are only on the roof. You then must cross over a gang plank with no hand holds from the roof to the pad.

At that point you are on top of the world, at least in California 🙂

I can not wait, I get to join a fantastic friend in the joy of a marriage to a terrific guy, I get to sway in the wind on top of a building, I get to say I now pronounce you husband and wife to a great friend.

It does not get better than this