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I though some of you planters might find this helpful

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A Bible smaller than a pinhead

I was going to make a joke about a pinhead Bible but I thought better of it, 🙂 so for those of you that might need a pinhead bible, your in luck, This should hit the market in 08.

The smallest Bible ever made is smaller than a pinhead: 0.5 millimetres square. On that space scientists from Technion, an Israeli technological Institute transferred the 30,428 words of the entire Old Testament. It is a vowelled-Hebrew copy

The nano-Bible was developed from an idea by Uri Sivan, head of the Nanotechnology Institute. The project was managed by physics’ doctoral student Ohad Zohar. This is the world’s tiniest Bible,” Zohar said. “The Guinness Book of World Records has a Bible 50 times bigger”.

The scientists now want to take pictures of the miniature Bible and blow it up to a seven-by-seven metre (yard) poster, which will make it “possible to read the entire Bible with the naked eye”.

The goal for the future is to inscribe data on various biomolecules such as DNA. The large 10-million-bit text was chosen for its size. Project creator Uri Sivan: “The nano-Bible project was aimed at displaying the miniaturization ability we have.”

The nano-Bible was written on a silicon surface covered with a 20 nanometer layer of gold. “When we send the tiny particle beam, called gallium ions, toward a point on the surface, the gold atoms bounce off of this point, thus exposing the silicon layer underneath. The diameter of the exposed point is about 40 nanometers. When we look at the written example using a scanning electron microscope, the exposed silicon point looks darker than the gold surrounding it. By sending a particle beam towards various points on the substrate, we can etch any pattern of points, especially one that represents text,” said Ohad Zohar.

The structure of the nano-Bible was built using a special computer program developed in the project’s framework, which enables etching text on the surface layer.

The nano-Bible project is part of an educational program that asks the following question: “How small can the Bible be?” The program uses this intriguing question in order to investigate modern methods of creating miniature structures and imaging on a nanometric scale, to present advanced technology for high-density information storage and to discuss future topics such as information storage using DNA molecules or other bio-molecules.

The picture show a modern ‘tiny’ Bible – the nano-bible is too small to be seen with the naked eye.

Virgin Mary in the freezer, Jesus on a tortilla

Ok, I was just sipping my morning cup O’tea and prepping for the wedding today, last moment notes, pressing my shirt, I thought I would go on line and see what happened over night. I go to to search out the news.

Low and behold, Jesus on toast , err ahh a Christmas ornament staring back at me

Check it out………….. what is it



Woman of Honor

I preformed a funeral for a dear lady a couple of months back, Ms Barnes, although I never met her I was thrilled to hear the stories of the dear ladies life, all she did, everyone that loved her.

One of the things I remember telling her family, particularly the grandchildren was to remember her a a hero.

Contrast that to this junk hitting the news and you will see my point. I hope kids will look to women of strength and character for a roll model and not at the hollywood crud that passes for morality




Jamie Lynn Spears: Not That Innocent
Forbes – 42 minutes ago
Does Viacom care about a 16-year-old’s pregnancy? It does when that 16-year-old in question is Jamie Lynn Spears, the star of Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101.

Over the top joy



I am just sitting on the train listening to a Sermon Cloud message and thinking about how blessed I am. I am working on a message from James 1 and realized as I am studying that I although have gone through some trials, I am in no way as tested as some of the early church. We have it pretty well here in the USA. The picture above is really nothing to do with anything other than I saw it in the newspaper and it seems to show the joy pouring out of this guys soul.

I have a lot going on and will update you all later this weekend. I have a wedding Saturday and a big elder meeting tomorrow night.

God is good, I am seeking wisdom, He will provide that wisdom for me,,,,,, He always has.

Blessings to you all

Uncle Tone

Skip reading this post if you are not Irish :)


There are two surveys in Northern Ireland that point to the declining state of the Church and Christianity in my homeland, disappointing I must admit since in my humble opinion the whole church planting thing started there with Patrick, the missionary not the guy who invented green beer.

Some of what came out there and I am sure could be repeated here in the states are:

  • The results of two separate surveys have revealed that knowledge of Christianity is disappearing from general knowledge.
  • Less than a third of people in the Ireland could name Martin Luther as the first Protestant, or could recall the first commandment. ( no biggie I guess on Luther but the first commandment)
  • Only 12 per cent of UK adults could correctly respond to questions about the Bible’s account of the Christmas story.
  • According to this survey, 55 per cent of those questioned in the Republic knew there were four gospels, compared to 42 per cent in the North. ( looks like my southern brothers are still a bit more in the know)
  • Seán Mullan from the Evangelical Alliance Ireland stated that “the notion that Christianity can be transmitted through the culture from one generation to the next is clearly no longer valid”. ( this is the most important part, our faith is not inherited or handed down, we must convey the Gospel to the next generation and raise up leaders, do not forget the youth!!)
  • Stephen Cave of the Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland, commented that this throws “serious doubt on the claim that we are a Christian country”. (sad, but the same can be said about the USA )
  • Speaking on behalf of the Iona Institute, David Quinn said the latest survey showed “that knowledge of Christianity, both North and South, is disappearing from general knowledge”.
  • “Because so many people simply don’t know the story behind the season they are celebrating, Christmas is just another holiday ( sound familiar )

All kidding aside about the Irishness of this post, the very same things can be said of us here state side. Pray for your youth, nurture the development of young guys to go out and plant churches


Hidden skills in babies

This is too good to pass up,


Matthew 11:25

25 At that time Jesus declared, “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to little children;

By Tom A. Peter Wed Dec 12, 3:00 AM ET
Six- and 10-month-old babies are much more capable judges of character than previously thought. Not only can infants pick out a good Samaritan, they tend to identify with them, according to a Yale University study published in the journal Nature.

Without a doubt puppies and babies are a better judge of people than we adults are. It is “funny” how science has caught up with the Biblical truth yet again.

I just thought the picture was cute so I found a way to post around it 🙂 would it not be a better world if we had the spirit of children in our old crusty hearts.



Sinatra, Bennett and Jesus…….


Few things get me so at ease as listening to the best crooner ever, Frankie…..well Sirius radio is running a birthday remembrance of his discography and it was hosted this morning by Tony Bennett, second only to Frank. One of the things that Bennett mentioned is Franks loyalty was deeper than anyone Bennett knew, if you were a FOF, friend of frank, you were his pal for life. Bennett’s career took off when Frank wrote an article in Life magazine mentioning that Bennett was Franks favorite singer, that cemented their friendship and love for each other. As I was getting the chills listening to Frank this morning , it got me thinking about loyalty,do I have it, do I show it, I hope I do but I also reflected on the loyalty of Christ.

Company of sinners or Saints, which would I prefer….
When reaching the shore of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus spots Levi, a tax collector, sitting near by ‘Follow me,’ he says and Levi gets up and follows him (Luke 5:27-28).

What jumps out to me is the simple fact that Levi was a tax collector, not one of the most respected of careers. Levi was looked at askew because of his loyalty to the Roman ruler,Herod, and distrusted by the Jewish community as well.What does Jesus do, Jesus goes to dinner in Levi’s house. How do you see sinners, would you share a table with them, would you break bread with them, would you engage them, Jesus did, he engaged them, called them to repentance and presented the Kingdom of God in a way that made sense to most of them. Oh how I wish I could do the same.

Remember when the scribes and the Pharisees see Jesus eating with people whose religious and moral backgrounds are suspect, they ask his disciples why he eats with such people.

When Jesus hears this, he says, ‘It is not the healthy who need the doctor, but the sick. I did not come to call the virtuous, but sinners’. Jesus’ reference to the scribes as ‘virtuous’ is, of course, ironic. They consider themselves virtuous but fail to acknowledge God as the genuine source of virtue, looking instead to tradition .

I hope today we can forgo tradition, engage a “sinner” and show the loyalty of Christ the King to someone we cross paths with.

Have a great day