Skip reading this post if you are not Irish :)


There are two surveys in Northern Ireland that point to the declining state of the Church and Christianity in my homeland, disappointing I must admit since in my humble opinion the whole church planting thing started there with Patrick, the missionary not the guy who invented green beer.

Some of what came out there and I am sure could be repeated here in the states are:

  • The results of two separate surveys have revealed that knowledge of Christianity is disappearing from general knowledge.
  • Less than a third of people in the Ireland could name Martin Luther as the first Protestant, or could recall the first commandment. ( no biggie I guess on Luther but the first commandment)
  • Only 12 per cent of UK adults could correctly respond to questions about the Bible’s account of the Christmas story.
  • According to this survey, 55 per cent of those questioned in the Republic knew there were four gospels, compared to 42 per cent in the North. ( looks like my southern brothers are still a bit more in the know)
  • Seán Mullan from the Evangelical Alliance Ireland stated that “the notion that Christianity can be transmitted through the culture from one generation to the next is clearly no longer valid”. ( this is the most important part, our faith is not inherited or handed down, we must convey the Gospel to the next generation and raise up leaders, do not forget the youth!!)
  • Stephen Cave of the Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland, commented that this throws “serious doubt on the claim that we are a Christian country”. (sad, but the same can be said about the USA )
  • Speaking on behalf of the Iona Institute, David Quinn said the latest survey showed “that knowledge of Christianity, both North and South, is disappearing from general knowledge”.
  • “Because so many people simply don’t know the story behind the season they are celebrating, Christmas is just another holiday ( sound familiar )

All kidding aside about the Irishness of this post, the very same things can be said of us here state side. Pray for your youth, nurture the development of young guys to go out and plant churches



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