Back At It

OK, it has been a while since I posted anything on the ol’ blog. It has been a variety of reasons but most of all I have just not had enough hours in the day. I seem to be burning the candle at all ten ends 🙂 Some of you have been asking what is going on so I thought I would give it a go for the week and see what I can keep up with.

Church is going well, we have a ton of ministry things on the horizon and we all seem to be rowing the boat in the same direction, it is hard to believe I am coming up on one year filling in at my home church, it has been quite a ride but it is fantastic to see all God has done with us in the last year.

I remember the first few weeks “on the job” and I wondered what the heck I got myself into, but as is the way with the Lord, he had His reasons for allowing me to step in for this season of my life. As I look back, even though there were “moments” when I thought this is for the birds, I stayed the course and He saw me through it.

As I reflect on what I have seen this year, I am reminded how blessed I was to be there for people I truly love, there were times of ministry that I would not trade for anything, it is the reason I was called to do what I do. I count it all joy to be there when the sting of death settles into a family and I am called to help guide them through the tough times in life. I love to see new marriages take off with the firm foundation of faith built into young love. I love to hear how people are seeing new things in scripture through teaching, small groups and relationship building. I love to see the faces of everyone on Sunday morning as we come together to worship, I must admit though, there were some Sunday mornings that I was not sure where I could hide so as not to ge lynched 🙂 but over all, it has been a great year !! I would not trade a moment of it.

We have so many things at ALCC to be thankful for and so many things on the horizon that should allow us to step up to the plate and take the great commission to RC.

I will try to keep you posted as time permits

Thanks to all who have asked


My Pal Bob

This guy, although we have never met, has had a bigger influence on me than most pastors I have had the (dis) pleasure to meet 🙂 I have had close “pastoral” friends that have been, for lack of a better word, lacking. They seem to start out ok, then they fall into the “job” mentality or the circle the wagons, it is “my” ministry and I will not share or “stay away”________ fill in the blanks because I have to protect my “job”

Another group of guys I LOVE to be around is the church planters forum at IESBA the first Saturday of the month, planters are different, they do not circle the wagon, the help each other out, they see the “vision” for the great commission as a requirement, not a suggestion. EVERY one of them gets it, it is the highlight of the month for me.

So , back to Bob, he on the other hand seems to have a real knack for nailing a thought , process, or idea.As I am struggeling to put together this weeks message, he once again pushed me over the hump. Some day I will get up his way and let him know he has impacted me, but for now I will just meditate on his last post, which I think all church planters should do, key points ….

4. When I have a completed draft, I ask myself the 5 questions:
Where in this message do I clearly point to Jesus?
Where in this message do I speak to non-Christians?
Where in this message do I speak to Christians?
Where in this message do I speak to the heart?
Where in this message do I give people something to do right now- rather than later…