Mountain View Church Plant


I am often asked….why would you want to start a new church when there are so many in the area, many of them struggling to stay open or seemingly reaching all of the community already. I did my best to explain why, but I think Keller does a much better job at the lengthy details.

My hope is, we will reach out to people that do not currently have a church they call home, for whatever reason. Maybe they had a bad experience with church politics, maybe they were fed up with “religious” people, maybe they were never welcomed into the community.My hope is we at Mountain View Church will be a place that the weary can find rest, the curious can ask, the hopeless can find hope, the lost can find Christ.

Anyway, HERE is the article written by Tim Keller, I hope you can make sense of it.


Mountain View Sun City Shadow Hills

ImageIt has been a long time since I wrote anything on the blog, but I will try keep up with it again. I am really excited about this next phase of ministry. We are moving from Bermuda Dunes across the freeway to Sun City Shadow Hills,

We have a new website, it is a work in progress so bookmark it and check back. We started a new Twitter and Facebook page

We will be in Bermuda Dunes until March 17 then starting Palm Sunday we launch the new church. Please keep us in prayer and if you are ner by, stop in for a vist