A Church that can not be called a Church

Well, it is interesting dealing with the federal government, We started the Worship service in the park last week, it went well but I found it frustrating that the park was full, not a camp site to be had yet we only had 10 people at the service. It turns out we are not allowed to post any kind of advertising at all, none so no one in the park knows a Sunday service is being held in the Amphitheater. Last summer we held services in a State park, we were allowed to post a permanent poster in the camp bulletin board, and keep flyers in the gift shop, with the national park it is different, no posting at all.

I am ok with having to deal with the rules, I absolutely do not want to cut off my nose to spite my face but I wish we could post. I did notice a few boards in the camp ground area that had park stuff on one side and on the back were postings from camper to let friends know they were in site such in such or they left to go to town, be back soon. When I saw those I figured what was good for campers was good for me but I guess it does not work that way.

I do feel bad for the Rangers I am dealing with, they are in a tough position of having to maintain the rules and bring me the bad news, I will say this, they are fair and professional

One of the things that has me in a real quandary is we were told we need to change the name of the “event” from Church At the Rock to something more neutral like   Worship at the Rock, again I do not want to cause a stink and would rather change a name than not be there but it kind of bums me out that we can not advertise in the park, and can not let people know it is a church service rather than a new age deal, I need to pray it through and do the right thing.

More to come



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