The First Service JTNP


We had the first service today at Joshua Tree National Park, Jumbo Rocks Amphitheater and it was a great experience. We learned a few tricks that will make next week even better. I do so very much appreciate the staff of the National Park making this an easy event to put on, they do have a ton of rules I need to adhere to, which is no problem at all.

I used my Boy Scout training to make two sweeps of the theater, one before and one after the service to pick up trash. I know they would not think it was us church folks leaving cigarette butts behind 🙂 but we picked them up as well. I need to figure out how best to get the word out to the campers in the Jumbo Rock sites, we have a no posting of anything rule so it is a bit of a challenge, I did see a few bulletin boards around that had a bunch of notes from campers posted so my guess is, if they can post so can we ? I do not want to rock the boat but I do need to see what the rules are for that.

I wanted to say thanks to a few people, Dr. Richard Savich and his son Niko, thanks for your presence there this morning, it was nice to see you guys, Rick & Llori lead us in worship and as always, they were the bomb, I am not sure what that means but when I hear Rick say it , it sounds like it is a good thing, thanks for the apple fritter, it was appreciated. Jann and Conor, thanks for the support , prayers and tolerance of this church thing, I know it was cold and windy but you were there, thanks.

Jon & Deborah, great greeters, and thanks for filling in without any pre-warning to open communion in prayer. To my new friends from Torrance thanks for stopping in, I hope to see you again soon.

One of the better things that happened today was many hours after the service, I received a call from another church planter in town wanting to know how the service went. It is SO refreshing to have a guy that is more interested in the great commission than how my venture may have a negative impact on what he is trying to do. Another thing that struck me about him, other than his very nice wife 🙂 was, I am in real need of a guitar player, one of the things that popped into his head was, maybe he could run up to my service which starts between his two services and play for me, then race back to his church for his second service, you just do not find guys like this around, Blessings to his church 180 .

The other was just as much a surprise but it happened earlier this week. I had a call from the pastor of Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel, now mind you this is the largest church in the area and this pastor has a million ministries and events to over see but he found time in his schedule to chat with me about Church At The Rock and even offered me any support that I might need, it was sincere, you know how you can tell if someone is just blowing smoke, he was not, he listened and even after hearing me blab on, still offerd to help. Wow, two great pastors in the same week.

Thanks to all of you, Ab, Cath,Mom, Dad, Brad & Lisa and many of my friends at Alta Loma Christian Church, you know who you are and my heart is still with you all.