Southwest Church Planting meeting update


There was a change to the speaker at the Southwest Church Planter meeting for March 13th, Dr Matt Hannan will be speaking on building and sustaining your launch team , it will be a great topic and there are still some seats available. If you decide you would like to attend, please EMAIL Jim for specifics.



Southwest Church Planting

Southwest Church Planting

Hey all, I have a friend that is putting together a planters forum in Temecula CA on March 13th 2008. It should be a great time with some very usable information. I am 100% unsure of  space constraints and even if I should be getting the word out 🙂 forgivness is easier than permission …anyway, Jim & Stephanie have a real desire to help planters so I am sure if you drop me an email, I will pass along your note and they can fill you in.


Special Breed

I love being around genuine guys, no pretense no whining, willing to take a risk, ready to let it rip and see what God can do in spite of us. The best part about tonight was the genuine excitement coming from a local planter and his first harvest program, it was GREAT to go over to cheer him on and find it was a full house and the best part was he did not need any cheering on from me !!

His people love being around him, his folks were great and so proud of their son. It was just a great experience all around.

So Anthony, hats off to you and everyone @ 180


The First Service JTNP


We had the first service today at Joshua Tree National Park, Jumbo Rocks Amphitheater and it was a great experience. We learned a few tricks that will make next week even better. I do so very much appreciate the staff of the National Park making this an easy event to put on, they do have a ton of rules I need to adhere to, which is no problem at all.

I used my Boy Scout training to make two sweeps of the theater, one before and one after the service to pick up trash. I know they would not think it was us church folks leaving cigarette butts behind 🙂 but we picked them up as well. I need to figure out how best to get the word out to the campers in the Jumbo Rock sites, we have a no posting of anything rule so it is a bit of a challenge, I did see a few bulletin boards around that had a bunch of notes from campers posted so my guess is, if they can post so can we ? I do not want to rock the boat but I do need to see what the rules are for that.

I wanted to say thanks to a few people, Dr. Richard Savich and his son Niko, thanks for your presence there this morning, it was nice to see you guys, Rick & Llori lead us in worship and as always, they were the bomb, I am not sure what that means but when I hear Rick say it , it sounds like it is a good thing, thanks for the apple fritter, it was appreciated. Jann and Conor, thanks for the support , prayers and tolerance of this church thing, I know it was cold and windy but you were there, thanks.

Jon & Deborah, great greeters, and thanks for filling in without any pre-warning to open communion in prayer. To my new friends from Torrance thanks for stopping in, I hope to see you again soon.

One of the better things that happened today was many hours after the service, I received a call from another church planter in town wanting to know how the service went. It is SO refreshing to have a guy that is more interested in the great commission than how my venture may have a negative impact on what he is trying to do. Another thing that struck me about him, other than his very nice wife 🙂 was, I am in real need of a guitar player, one of the things that popped into his head was, maybe he could run up to my service which starts between his two services and play for me, then race back to his church for his second service, you just do not find guys like this around, Blessings to his church 180 .

The other was just as much a surprise but it happened earlier this week. I had a call from the pastor of Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel, now mind you this is the largest church in the area and this pastor has a million ministries and events to over see but he found time in his schedule to chat with me about Church At The Rock and even offered me any support that I might need, it was sincere, you know how you can tell if someone is just blowing smoke, he was not, he listened and even after hearing me blab on, still offerd to help. Wow, two great pastors in the same week.

Thanks to all of you, Ab, Cath,Mom, Dad, Brad & Lisa and many of my friends at Alta Loma Christian Church, you know who you are and my heart is still with you all.


A different perspective on a great post

The post in the link below was originally Written on May 16, 2006 by Darren Rowse ::
3 Factors to Consider Before Starting a Blog, Maintaining Blogging Momentum

This is the link that took me to the article, it really got me thinking, as I read well written articles, I often find myself adapting the message to see how it would apply to my journey, in planting a church.
I am not sure if the changing some key words is a cool thing to do , but

I hope with my pointing to the original work it will be ok, if not, let me know.

I have changed the words in the original post to bold font to make my point, and

stopped half way through, just to give you the idea. I really suggust you take a look at the original work and really think through what he is saying but look at it through your planting vision.

Hats off two Darren Rowse for a convertible well thought out post

Uncle Tone


As I’ve pondered how to write about maintaining momentum (this is part 2 of a series) on a blog many of the suggestions that I have have boiled down to one thing – thinking ahead.

While I know many bloggers like to blog spontaneously and to go with the flow, I’ve found that planning a Church (both before you start it and in an ongoing way) can save a lot of heart ache later on.

Following are three of the issues you might like to consider ahead of time and before you start a Church that will help you later when it comes to maintaining momentum on your Church Plant:

1. Topic breadth

Will the topic you’re considering starting a Church (about be) will it lend itself to being an ongoing project?

As I mentioned in my series introduction, there are two extremes when it comes to topic breadth that often lead to the death of a Church. The first is choosing a target group that is so broad that it becomes overwhelming and the second is choosing one that is so narrow that after just a few services the planter runs out of things to say.

One simple way to test whether a Church Plant is wide enough is to search for news on it using tools like Google News or Look particularly for the frequency of news on the group. This will give you an indication of whether there are stories breaking on the group that you can bounce off on your blog.

Another test is to simply brainstorm what posts you could write on the topic . Simply put down on paper as long a list of post titles as you can as quickly as possible. If after 10 minutes you only have a handful of potential post ideas you might want to either widen your topic or find another one.

2. Energy Levels

Does the Church Planting excite you? Are you motivated enough to pray,work,be lead about it for the long term?

Lead Me

Some thoughts on things I have picked up on over the years, I cannot quote a source as most of these ideas have been in books and seminar materials I have read over my years in business, some are theoretical but most can be put into action in some fashion.

We can buy leadership skills books, and seminars might help get the thought process moving, but it can’t make us something we are not. Good leaders know how to put their past experiences and lessons learned into action. We have figure out where we have made mistakes and we learn from them, we learn not to dwell on them but to use them as building blocks for tasks ahead.

Some points to ponder

  • As you lead……….
  • Carry your self with confidence and trust others: Leaders don’t walk away from responsibility or difficult decisions; they do not put off decisions out of fear of failure. They face them head on. Strong leadership presence doesn’t mean a loud or over the top presence. Strong leaders can radiate a quality of trust and inspire confidence in their staff without having to be domineering or bossy.
  • You cannot fake it: Good leadership can’t be faked. You can not be everyone’s friend, If you try to be a friend of everyone, you’re not, it will be superficial and phony. Leaders lead through their actions, not by telling others what great leaders we are. We don’t talk about getting things done we just get things done.
  • Earn the authority: Leaders earn their authority through past actions, many unqualified leaders fake their way to the top, and those around them will see it. and will resent those who try to be a leader ,
  • Provide boundaries: Leaders are not there to do everything; they’re there to develop others to get the task at hand done. They don’t do everything for their staff; they train, lead and support them. They find a way to bring out the best in their staff by example.
  • Just take a breath and listen: Well-adjusted leaders sometimes have to play the part of “Norm” the empathetic patron from Cheers. They listen to the ideas and concerns of those around them. And make sure to support, guide, and not hinder the enthusiasm of those wanting to serve. Fellow ministers need to know that their leader is open to others’ opinions and thoughts. Even when things don’t quite go the way they hoped, followers will at least come away knowing that their voice was heard..
  • Show appreciation for others efforts: ministering isn’t about recognition, but occasionally fellow laborers need to feel as though their work is appreciated by those they work with.
  • Do not dominate but do make your presence known. Good leaders trust the abilities of their team and don’t feel the need to do it all. This will give your staff a sense of autonomy, knowing that you have faith in them to fulfill their ministry, be aware of what’s going on around you: able leaders don’t need to constantly micromanage, although we should always know what’s going on with each of the ministries , we do not need to take ownership of all the details.
  • Avoid favoritism: Pastors must look out for the entire flock not just the co- shepherds. Showing favoritism will cause tension and resentment not only between the leader but everyone involved in ministry, Do not show preferential treatment.
  • Don’t be everyone’s friends: This point is harsh and contrary to popular thinking. We all like to be liked, but a mature leader has to make tough decisions, decisions that may upset others in a co-leadership relationship, but a good working relationship involves mutual respect between leaders. We must remain friendly and approachable, but when we try too hard to be everyone’s best friend, just one of the guys we run the risk of having our staff looking for a solid direction from us and we will be so busy with politicking that we are not leading. Tone