Tear Drop Camper 2nd work day

Today I sanded and painted the frame, glad to have my V W mechanic son around, he repacked the wheel bearings.


Tear Drop Camper Build

Well, the trailer showed up this morning, I bought this thing 20 years ago when I was building out the cabin at Lake Arrowhead, it hauled drywall and lumber up and down the hill for a couple of years. Then it was “borrowed” by a friend and he had it for 10 years, I got it back and it sat in the back of the church for a couple of years, then it was “borrowed” again for a few years, Well I got it back today and it is a mess. I am almost embarrassed to post the before photos but I know the finished


You just never know….

I am saving this Facebook post I made on Christmas 2011, so I can look back and remember……

“had something REALLY cool happen after church today !! It is odd how something as insignificant as a ceramic piggy bank stuffed with coins can make a difference in someones life. Six months back I opened one of my sermons with a request for our church to take home a cheesy little ceramic piggy bank and fill it with pennies for a church that I know of about an hour or so from here. The pastor is a great guy and he was telling me his children s group was saving pennies. Well, a first time visitor of ALCC listened to the message and asked if she could have 2 piggies 🙂 I said sure and off she went with pigs in hand….fast forward to today, after church I see a lady looking in the window of the church, I went to see if she was ok and when she turned to me I saw the pigs, well, she told me what ever I said at the time really touched her, she wanted to come back today and turn in the pigs and let me know she followed up with a church in OC, came to faith and was baptized 🙂 had it not been for kids in Moreno Valley saving pennies, and us getting involved…and so it goes, a cheesy pig, making a difference. I have about 20 empty piggies if anyone wants one 🙂 LOVE TODAY !!”

Work Toward Organization in Intercessory Prayer

“We are ministers. We owe it to our people to pray for every single one of them. We know them and we should pray for them one by one. How? Be strategic. Have set lists that you have organized and categorized to pray for other people. Newton said his best friends were those who prayed for him. It will be encouraging to your people for them to know you are praying for them. I take the church directory and pray for the people on one page each day. You love your people and you know their needs.”


This is something I adopted years ago, I keep a list with me and pray for people by name. A mentor of mine sends me a text every Sunday for the last three years, just letting me know he prays for me. I try to do the same, not only for the people in our church but also for local pastors and a few I know across the country.

I am in the process of putting my thoughts together on the subject of prayer, it is a journey to be sure.

Looks like a couple of great reads

Just ordered a couple of books, can’t wait for them to arrive. The pricing @ the Westminster bookstore is great, if you need a book …..click on one of the images below and it take you to their site. Great service, great pricing, great selection. The Keller book is on sale until February 28th

Turning the leaf before it falls off the tree :)

Ok, after a great time of conversation with my Pastor-Mentor-Friend last night and a time of reflection on my last four yeas of life Ihave come to the (re) conclusion that I am not superman.

Although I find my self fit and relatively trim 190 and 5″11 and at 53 years old I can still keep up with most half my age.

I find myself fatigued and tired most nights, I don’t sleep worth a bean (food reference ) and over the last year it is showing up in that “I always look hungover” kind of look . As I was poking around the web I stumbled on this POST and it initially struck me as a silly kind of read, and a provocative title to be sure.  Well another Pastor friend posted THIS link and it just added fuel to my fire.

Just three years ago I was able to tell Jann on a Saturday morning that I was going for a run and I would be back in a bit, it alway took four hours, I would be like Forrest Gump and run and run….  I would take off on Miliken and Foothill and go two hours in any direction knowing if I went out two hours…. I would have to return in two hours, kind of a runners mind game but it worked.

Over the years I racked up the following stats

  • Miles walked 3708
  • Miles Run 6080
  • Total Miles 9788
  • Stairs Climbed 70,202 ( apx 35 miles)
  • Training Summary: Total Distance:9826.09 mi.
  • FAST FACTS about EARTH: * circumference: 24,901.5 miles * diameter: Nearly 8,000 miles I am over 1/3 of the way around 🙂

Well in thinking about where I am today and where I was just three years ago, I have decided to jump back in the running obsession. One of the good things over these last few years is, I have walked 2 miles a day and not missed even one day due to illness or laziness 🙂 I am forced to walk because my train lets me off  a mile from work and I refuse all offers of rides from co-workers, ( that is another story ) anyway,  I have a choice to make, drugs 🙂 or running, I will give running a try again and see where I am this time next year.

I know you are wondering why I posted this and what does it matter to you……  🙂 it keeps me from having to bomb and say six months from now…. no….I just got lazy and could not keep it up