One of our pastors yesterday asked us to pray the next six days  for our church, corporately as a unit and individually as people. He is in Philippians 1: 9-11 .Using Paul’s prayer as a model. I want to use keywords in the passages as my focused prayer for my One of our pastors yesterday asked us to pray the next six days  for our church, corporately as a unit and individually as people. He is in Philippians 1: 9-11 .So using Paul’s prayer as a model. I want to use keywords in the passages as my focused prayer for my church peeps.

The word I want to focus on this morning is Knowledge ( vs. 9) and what it means to the people in the church and the church as a body.

My prayer is that we can represent Christ to people in a way that, only through Christ, by the means of the Holy Spirit can we have a knowledge of God that is sufficient for our salvation and that those attending our body that do not yet know that truth, will by the way we make Christ known.

Paul in Romans 1:18-21 says we can have a concept about God but the concept cannot save us, a saving knowledge can only be found in Christ. Jesus’s own knowledge of God enables Him to reveal God the Father to us, through the Holy Spirit.

The revelation of God, through Christ, with the Spirit takes place in God’s covenant to the local church, I pray today that we as a local church can make Jesus known to those we encounter and that people can know Christ through us.

We know that the knowledge of God includes more than intellect, it is an honest person seeking the truth, may we as a church point people to the knowledge of Solo Christo,Christ alone

Tomorrows word…… Love

Grace and Peace


Words Matter

I have been dormant on the blog for a couple of years, Facebook and life seemed to have set a new path and most interaction now a days is Facebook driven. I have been wanting to get some of my thoughts over the last few years written down for a few reasons,one of them is just to unload it from my head. I hope for no other reason than to enlighten myself , get words on paper to open my head and see what and why I believe like I do.


Matthew 3:15 to follow

Wondering if it is still worth it…..

trendlinesI was working on the Church website and out of curiosity I wondered if people were coming to the site or if it was just an expense and yet one more thing on my plate to look after. Well looking at the stats and when people are clicking on the site, I found it interesting, the trends are Saturday Sunday and Monday are the most active, I figured Saturday people are looking for a local church to visit, which is great, Sunday again, last minutes shoppers, then Monday…… I figured that was the day most people look to see my contact info so they could set me straight after Sunday 🙂

Looking at the clicks, I see the referrals on my blog are mainly coming from the church website, so I got me  thinking about this old blog of mine. I looked back and see I started blogging in 2006, I saw the trend line of my blogging activity peek in 2011 and declined on an almost straight line to 2015. That is about the same time I started Facebook,

Again, thinking out-loud, and looking at my old posts on the blog and Facebook I noticed yet another trend, my blog posts really shared what was happening in my life, good, bad and ugly, painful and joyous times , my Facebook posts were just snippets and not really a real window into my life, it in many way reminds me of the early days on the net when I was involved in forums around things I enjoyed, investing sites, scouting stuff , running and jogging sites, I remember all the flaming going on in those forums and I look back and remember how I did not like it.

So, it got me thinking about Facebook today, all the flaming going on, and side taking, and etc…. all that to say, I think I will try keep up with my blog, I can expand on topics and not have to get in the middle if a firestorm. I will keep the church website going too because I see it is attracting visitors, and Facebook, I will stick around because I love following family and friends, but I will pare back on the friend count.


Mountain View Church Plant


I am often asked….why would you want to start a new church when there are so many in the area, many of them struggling to stay open or seemingly reaching all of the community already. I did my best to explain why, but I think Keller does a much better job at the lengthy details.

My hope is, we will reach out to people that do not currently have a church they call home, for whatever reason. Maybe they had a bad experience with church politics, maybe they were fed up with “religious” people, maybe they were never welcomed into the community.My hope is we at Mountain View Church will be a place that the weary can find rest, the curious can ask, the hopeless can find hope, the lost can find Christ.

Anyway, HERE is the article written by Tim Keller, I hope you can make sense of it.


Mountain View Sun City Shadow Hills

ImageIt has been a long time since I wrote anything on the blog, but I will try keep up with it again. I am really excited about this next phase of ministry. We are moving from Bermuda Dunes across the freeway to Sun City Shadow Hills,

We have a new website, it is a work in progress so bookmark it and check back. We started a new Twitter and Facebook page

We will be in Bermuda Dunes until March 17 then starting Palm Sunday we launch the new church. Please keep us in prayer and if you are ner by, stop in for a vist


Teardrop Freebies

One of the things I am finding out is, there is a “cult” in the Teardrop community, everyone wants to share and everyone wants to talk about the “build” and I am always on the lookout for stuff 🙂 Tonight I had a call from my brother to swing by and pick up a bunch of stuff to help on the camper. I picked up a table saw,band saw,clamps,spare wood…..but best of all, some great ideas.

I want to get back at it tomorrow but….I am desert bound, it will have to wait a week.

Yucca Valley………… I come…………


Tear Drop build day four

Well today was six hours of work, some frustration and a busted thumb 🙂 nothing major just lots of blood. I came up with a way to save time and wondered why no one else ever came up with this brilliant idea, I found out why, it will not work. As you can see in one of the pictures, I have the trailer frame, insulation, wood frame and then floor. Well my idea was to just lay them down in this order and save time cutting out the insulation to fit the wood frame, the reason it does not work is because the insulation compresses when I tighten down the floor to the trailer frame. No big deal , I just undid it and corrected my ways.

So now it is trailer frame, wood frame, cut insulation and floor. I did not bolt it down yet, I needed to tinker with the wiring, after a bit of figuring 🙂 I have electrical working now too. Next week I start the sides, I am committed now so I hope it works.


Tear Drop Camper build day three

Today I was able to get the base frame and insulation done. I coated the floor with a sealant. It might be hard to see in the pictures but from the bottom up I have

  • The trailer frame
  • 3/4 inch Styrofoam with aluminum backing
  • 2×3 fir framing
  • 3/8 inch exterior plywood

The wiring is run along the frame, I am not sure I like the way I have it so I will not bolt the floor to the frame today, I need to rethink it.


Tear Drop Camper Build

Well, the trailer showed up this morning, I bought this thing 20 years ago when I was building out the cabin at Lake Arrowhead, it hauled drywall and lumber up and down the hill for a couple of years. Then it was “borrowed” by a friend and he had it for 10 years, I got it back and it sat in the back of the church for a couple of years, then it was “borrowed” again for a few years, Well I got it back today and it is a mess. I am almost embarrassed to post the before photos but I know the finished