You just never know….

I am saving this Facebook post I made on Christmas 2011, so I can look back and remember……

“had something REALLY cool happen after church today !! It is odd how something as insignificant as a ceramic piggy bank stuffed with coins can make a difference in someones life. Six months back I opened one of my sermons with a request for our church to take home a cheesy little ceramic piggy bank and fill it with pennies for a church that I know of about an hour or so from here. The pastor is a great guy and he was telling me his children s group was saving pennies. Well, a first time visitor of ALCC listened to the message and asked if she could have 2 piggies 🙂 I said sure and off she went with pigs in hand….fast forward to today, after church I see a lady looking in the window of the church, I went to see if she was ok and when she turned to me I saw the pigs, well, she told me what ever I said at the time really touched her, she wanted to come back today and turn in the pigs and let me know she followed up with a church in OC, came to faith and was baptized 🙂 had it not been for kids in Moreno Valley saving pennies, and us getting involved…and so it goes, a cheesy pig, making a difference. I have about 20 empty piggies if anyone wants one 🙂 LOVE TODAY !!”

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