This is What I Believe, and Why

It has been years in the making and I think it is finally time for me to start that book I have been threating to write for years. I was inspired to get it going for a few reasons, mainly, I am not getting any younger.

I found myself answering questions about what I believe and why I believe it and not having an easy coherent way to pass that information along.  We will be looking at out bylaws and incorporation papers at ALCC next year and in the course of preparing for that, I found I need to have documented my “doctrinal statement” nailed down. I was wondering how my pastor buddies answer questions about their doctrine, do they have it in writing, do they have it set in stone…I don’t think I do….

I am going to set it out in my blog and once done put it in book form as a systematic theology book. I am well aware that this has been done by guys much smarter than me but I need to do this. I found (truth be told pastors) I know you do this too…. when I am asked a theological question I try to figure out where the questioner is coming from, what answer are they looking for>.I think it might come from my doubts about my own theology, i don’t know.

So, this exercise is more about my needs to nail down what I believe and why, is my doctrine sound, am I an Armenian, a Calvinist or a hybrid . Does anyone other than me care about hypo-static union, transubstantiation, baptismal regeneration…I don’t know but for me, I need to nail down my doctrinal statement before I can hope to lead a church in defining theirs.

So, to those of you that read my blog, if you have any ideas on just how best lay this out, please let me know. I want to do it on the blog but I think I want to do it in a Wiki kind of format. Your input is appreciated. I was going to just start a book in a Word document but I think I like the feed back as I go along, any ideas….let me know.

If you ( Christian ) think doctrine or a systematic theology is something you do not have need of or engage in, think again, you have a doctrine but you just don’t know what to call it. You have the question” was it really needed to have Christ die for your sins” you might hear of or ask that question , that is the doctrine of the Atonement, you may not know it, but that is what it is. Within that you have

  • The cause of the Atonement
  • The need of an Atonement
  • The nature of the Atonement
  • Reasons for  the Atonement
  1. We deserve to die as a penalty for sin
  2. We deserve to bear God’s wrath against sin
  3. We are separated from God by our sins
  4. We are in bondage to sin

Then you have Sacrifice, Propitiation, Reconciliation, Redemption….all that just from the question, did Christ have to die for my sins…

So, I am going to get this on paper, for me. You can read along if you want to but it really is for me.



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