Friend looking looking for translators

We are looking for translators for nine of the top ten languages spoken in the
1)      Mandarin (1 billion+)
2)      English (508 million)—We have English covered.
3)      Hindustani (497 million)
4)      Spanish (392 million)
5)      Russian (277 million)
6)      Arabic (246 million)
7)      Bengali (211 million)
8)      Portuguese (191 million)
9)      Malay Indonesian (159 million)
10)     French (129 million)

Between today and August 15, we need to translate the “Kids’ Retreat Director’s
Notebook,” a 101-page, copyright-free resource, into the above languages.  (We
also welcome translations into other languages, as well.)

Can you or someone you know help us this summer?  We are recruiting bilingual
Christians, who will volunteer their time and talents to help us spread the
gospel to children worldwide.

Each translation will be available for FREE on our web site, and, the largest online provider of free resources to children’s
ministry leaders.

A FREE RESOURCE DVD is currently being created and ONE MILLION copies will
distributed worldwide over the next three years to children’s ministry leaders
who are under-resourced or who have no resources at all. (There are 2.2 billion
children on earth under the age of 15. Two-thirds of these kids do not know

Our goal is to include as many versions of the Kids’ Retreat Director’s Notebook
as possible on the FREE RESOURCE DVD. The first discs will be distributed at the
Global Children’s Ministry Conference in Lebanon in September and the Lausanne
Congress in South Africa in October. Children’s Ministries International, Inc.
is partnering with the Global Children’s Forum on this project.

If you can help, please contact me immediately at or I will reply and send you the English version of Kids’
Retreat Director’s Notebook so you can start translating it right away. (Note:
Please indicate the language you can translate.)

Thank you,
Steve Karges

Children’s Ministries International, Inc.
Post Office Box 28262
San Diego, California 92198-0262 USA

Telephone: (760) 746-1882
Web site:

The mission of Children’s Ministries International, Inc. is to glorify God by training leaders and partnering with His global church to evangelize and disciple boys and girls around the world.


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