Coffee and Friends

Coffee and friends just go great together, some of my favorite conversations have been with friends over a cup, it seems like no matter how bad the coffee is, if the conversation is with a friend all is well.

I am going through the book of Acts and so much of it seems to be based around community, or in Greek koinonia a word whose base meaning is shared or in common and which is often translated as fellowship. Community is about the common life we share with each another, our shared interest in a common bond and  we just enjoy the fellowship with one another within our circle of faith and friends. It’s about our shared goals and values, our common dreams and aspirations. The experience of becoming part of an authentic community is one of the most powerful motivators for joining and attending a church.

I look forward to sharing coffee with so many people I call friends, new friends , old friends. Nothing profound in this post I just reflected on what a blessed man I am tonight,and it started with a good cup o joe and a great friend.


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