Odd Behavior

train crowd

Well, my commute from the depths of insanity last night really wore me out. It took 4 1/2 hours to get home from work. As many of you know I take the Metrolink Train from LA To Upland every day, have been for ten years now. We this is at least the 10th ” incident ” I have been involved with , most of them have involved a death of someone. One was a local teacher and she was close to many of the young scouts I was working with, that was the hardest one to deal with, trying to show Gods love and grace to a shocked group of kids…. well we got through it.

I have seen more carnage than I would like to remember, they are so hard to put out of your mind. This one really made me dwell on just how final death is, there is no time to call home to let the wife know you love her, just BAM, your dead. No time to make up with the kids after the loss of your temper, BAM, your gone. No time to say, Lord, I am a broken sinner in need of your grace, BAM, your gone. I was so reminded of  Paul’s words in 2 Cor 6:2 Behold, now is the favorable time; behold, now is the day of salvation.

The guy that was hit and died had no time to reflect, it was a sudden leaving of this body and an immediate introduction to his maker, I wonder how that meeting went, I wonder how many of us put off until tomorrow what we should square up today. I wonder what was his relationship with God was, I wonder what his family is going through today, I wonder why I was not allowed to leave the train to hold his hand….. I wonder

What I came away with was much more than I can put in this journal, I am going to try put together a plan with Metrolink to see how we can better reach out and act as a “Chaplain” while commuting, not denominationaly, not trying to figure out what “religion” the victim was, just reaching out    to comfort. I will make this my next charge in life ( not enough on my plate )

Other things that struck me odd were the conversations going on around me, the callous jokes, the TICKED off people worrying about not getting to watch Cops @ 8, the bone heads that were worried about how long they had to sit on a train, it was a PERSON that we just hit and killed…. the Oprah reruns can wait. MAN I was shocked, it was still going on this morning on the commute to work, grumbling about how inconvenienced they were.

When we had to evacuate the train without the use of a platform step, grumbling about how far down they had to step, when we got to the stop, grumbling about how dark it was.

The only thing in this whole event that made me chuckle was watching the smoking brigade almost trample people to get the first hit of nicotine as they literally tried to light up before their feet hit the ground, man, where has human kindness gone.

OK, not a very Pastoral journal posting but it was what it was, we , the human race are an odd group HERE is the kicker, if you do not want to read the whole story,

just read this quote

One local resident, looking to cash-in on the situation, rolled through the crowd on a bicycle selling cold drinks from a plastic grocery bag.”


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