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When I was a kid there was a T.V news guy,he was best known for his intro “From the desert to the sea, to all of Southern California, a good evening.”. Well in not a so dramatic or famous way I am doing the same thing to a couple of ministries that I started and really enjoyed. My favorite was Doheny Fellowship , I loved going to the beach on Sundays and holding church for so many great , eclectic people. I had hippies, soccer moms, business guys, antagonist, and even people that did not like me show up 🙂 but every Sunday was a thrill.

I met some wonderful people along the way, I had great friends and strangers help lead worship every Sunday. I had terrific support from the park ( names I keep to myself so as not to get anyone in trouble ) But most of all it was great to be able to share the love of Jesus in the park.

I got into kind of a pickle with a ministry partner because I said in the service that the service was more of a christian event rather than an outreach to nonbelievers, it was a statement of fact not a wish for how I hoped it would turn out, allof the people that showed up and sat through the service were believers away from home camping, looking to have church in the out doors, I never had anyone stick around just to see what I was up to. Anyway, I digress. What I hope to do is find a local church in orange county that would like to take over for the Summer 2010 season. If you know of anyone please put them in touch with me. As of tonight, I have officially pulled the plug on my involvement with both ministries, I am spread a little to thin between my paying job and my love, ALCC.

Please keep me in prayer, and keep an eye open for someone that would like to minister at Doheny beach and Joshua Tree National Park.


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