An Gorta Mór


The Great Famine

Busted my buns for a few weeks so once again I am letting the music take me down a notch. Every time I listen to this one, it does what all good Irish music does, makes a grown man cry.

It reminds me of what a looser I have been over the last year, My parents are 2 hours away, my sister, 2 hours, three brothers within an hour. I have only seen one brother once since August, the others maybe twice. I will do what I can to sort that out.

This song is a sad love song, over the course of 7-8 years the Famine in Ireland took it’s toll on many families, the country lost 25% of it’s people, a  million dead, a million or so emigrated.The political side of the debate still lingers as does the bitterness of many. This song was written based on a series of letters from a father to his son who left Ireland for America for a short visit, well thirty years later the song plays out to a sad end….

I am off to my hot Cup O Tea and more music. I have a big weekend, worship workshop tomorrow , Church Sunday with the worlds best people  my friends at ALCC

Blessings to all,



2 Replies to “An Gorta Mór”

  1. Hmmm…let’s see…how many hours do you work per day? How many hours commuting….studying for your other full-time job as a Minister of the Gospel…wife and kids…yep your right. I reckon you had three extra minutes this year to visit all your relatives. What is the matter with you?!

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