Cheers to You

You starting to feel like you are in a pit, no way out, at the end of your rope. You are not alone. This video will help cheer you up or at least point you in the right direction 😛
Just kidding, but thought it was funny, I had a great meeting tonight with CDF and a couple guys from Stadia Church Planting, great guys. Funny how life comes around full circle, three years ago I was in talks with Stadia, it did not work out like I would have hoped, we did not connect, After I went through the application process, I received the dreaded letter in the mail, Sorry Tone, we at this time do not think we are a good match. It hurt but I moved on, I had a good laugh tonight, I drove up to the church for the meeting and who do you think was there, It was the guy that had to write me that letter….Well the funny part for me was, Boy I am glad I wrote him a kind letter three years ago letting him know I thought they were wrong , not wanting to partner with me but I fully respected their decision, in truth , I did not because they missed out on ME 🙂 anyway, it was great to be able to sit across the table from them and really respect what they are doing and that they will now be in a position to work with ME as we move forward at ALCC…
Just kidding, It will be a great time working with Stadia, even if ….


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