Why make them jump through hoops

Read a great post the other day and thought I would share it with you, it plays right into what we have been talking about at ALCC, We, greater Christianity not ALCC 🙂 have set up so many unnecessary hoops for new believers to jump through.I hope you enjoy his post and take it to heart, I know I keep pressing on “letting those who want to serve, serve” but it is so very important , we need to support guys in our fellowship that want to get into “ministry” we need to train people who are looking to become involved and open the doors wide.

I had a great conversation yesterday with a guy that is no longer attending ALCC, I thanked him for having enough confidence to pull me into service at ALCC some seven years ago, it started with communion set up, then communion serving, then to bringing a devotional, now to be your pastor, I will forever be grateful to him and others that cared enough for the greater vision of what the church is, not just the protection of some artificial turf.

More on that later, I hope you read the post from Pastor Scott Cheatham above.



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