Lord, guide my path

Psalm 92:5
5 How great are your works, O Lord!

Your thoughts are very deep!

I am off for a weekend of fun with Conor, I am not 100% sure where we are going. I will put the key in the truck, say -Hey Con Man where should we go. I will point the truck in that direction and go. It is great to have a 16 year old adventurer to knock around with, great Son I have.

I grabbed a couple of books off the old book shelf and am looking forward to not doing much this weekend. The down time is needed. So, a long four day weekend with Conor, a book and down time, life is good. I must admit though, I already miss my church family, it was odd not preparing a message this week, just fun reading, I needed that too.

As I was poking around I came across this clip prom John Piper, he is one of my favorite preacher/teachers, he is, what I hope I can be, straight with the Word, true to the Word, unashamedly able to preach what scripture lays out, not compromise, not preach around tough topics, not be agenda driven, not compromising in my presentation, I will be dwelling on this clip for a while.

I look forward to my return to ALCC, but am just as excited about the road trip this weekend

Blessings to all



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