What a Blessed Man I Am

As I am wrapping up my Sunday night, I am thinking of how very proud I am of my kids, now mind you “kids” is a stretch since they range from 29-26 and 16. I can not even begin to say how very proud I am of all three. Meg, is finding her way through life, she held me spellbound in conversations about Psalms and how they are prayers of the heart. Jr is holding his own, working hard, paying his bills and still telling me he loves me, I get a lump in my throat as I think about it. But what got me to write this tonight is kid number three, today he did his first communion meditation, he nailed it, unscripted and from the heart. He held me spellbound on every word. He was able to thread together three passages of scripture into a cohesive , coherent message and just nailed it. POWERFUL for a “kid” of 16.

Tonight I went into his room to see if he was ready for dinner, he was passed out, I know the feeling after preparing all week to bring a message to ALCC, he did the same and was just flat out spent 🙂

As I looked at his sleeping body, It occurred to me that I could not ask for any more in life. To my friends at ALCC that am privileged to “shepherd” for this season of life, to my new found friends at H2H ministries, I am just one BLESSED dude. I have a LLLove of my Life that is the best thing that ever happened, I have a church family that is second to none, I have an over-pouring of grace that is sufficient to carry me through. What more could I ask for !!

So in closing, the reason for the picture above, it reminded me of all the footprints in my life, the ones that were next to mine as I plodded through the last fifty years, for so many of those years I had a ton of footprints next to mine, as I listened to Conor do that meditation today, I realised he will soon be moving on, a couple more years and he is off to college…… then it will be a one less set of footprints in the sand….

Cherish the time…………………….

I love you Con Man…………………. Da


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