Muslims now outnumber Catholics

Interesting read 


Last month Qatar’s first new Catholic church for 1,400 years is set to open on 15 March after the state’s minority Catholic community agreed to strict conditions about the nature of the building.


“Saudi Arabia, the site of Islam’s two holiest cities, Mecca and Medina, and which currently forbids Christian worship, is reportedly considering allowing the opening of a Catholic church on Saudi soil as part of negotiations for the establishment of diplomatic relations.”

with numbers like 1.13 billion and 1.10 billion I would think the church planting movement has reason to keep on pressing on. I remember reading THIS great post a few years ago, it is what really got me looking toward planting churches and supporting those that do as well. It is not  should not be a closed good ol’l boy network, some think it is, The planters i know get it, they love to support other ministries, even ones right down the road. Guys like Southwest Church Planting really understand how important it is.

Anyway, just a thank you to Bob Hyatt for his motivation to a guy he has never met


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