Great Day at ALCC

What a great bunch of people we have at ALCC, so many things are really clicking. Everyone is on board with the vision to reach Rancho Cucamonga with the good news of Christ. It was such a great feeling when the elders and I were in the fireside room talking with a pastor and elders from a local church about being able to use our facilities, as we were discussing some of the options, up rolls a truck from another local church plant that we spoke to a few weeks ago about using our facilities, they are parking their truck in our lot so they do not have to drive 35 miles twice on Sundays to park it. I loved the fact that their logo , name and contact info was on the side of the truck, yet parked in our lot !! , ALCC has the vision that it is not about us, it is much bigger than us, what a powerful feeling knowing that!

We have a ton of stuff coming up so please keep praying, if you are looking for a way to plug into a midweek study or serve in some other way at ALCC, just let the elders know.