just clicking right along

What a great few weeks at ALCC   This Sunday we had  Stephanie Boyd and her husband Jim visit us from Temecula, she led us in worship with some current music and a song she wrote herself. All of it was fantastic. Her husband Jim is the director of Southwest Church Planting Ministries and a good friend on my ministry.

We also finalized our relationship with another local ministry to use some of our facilities during hours that we are not using them. House to Home ministries is going to be a great fit for ALCC, they are like minded in outreach and serving the local neighborhood and so far really easy to work with.

On kind of a bummer note, and this one I just can not figure out. We are letting a local church plant park their truck in our lot, well some not so thoughtful people thought it would be fun to throw a brick through the windshield of their truck. I guess they had nothing better to do. My first thought was to track them down and let them have it 🙂 then I realized this might be a better opportunity to pray for them, so we opted for the prayer option.

ALCC’s website is getting many new visitors, it looks like they are clicking in from all over the country, East and West.  Anyway, the train is pulling into the station, my stop is next.

More later


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