Great Job Description

I read a great post today from a guy I many times think is  thought was a bit of a blow hard, but over the last six months or so there seems to be a bit of a transformation in his  presentation. I have no idea what that might have been and I have never met or spoken to him BUT the change is noticeable and now I find myself checking him out daily.

Now, since he knows me not and could care less about my opinion, I post it anyway. HERE it a post from today that really hit me, I will be dwelling on it for a while this weekend. This subject has been on my mind for quite a while but I was not able to put my finger on it. His thoughts  just hit home with me today.

This is the section that hit home

Sunday Is Not A Witnessing Tool Yeah I know I’m gonna get hosed by some of my friends about this one…but for us…it is true. Sunday is about preaching the Word of God without compromise and leading believers into a time of worship. We are not seeker-sensitive…we don’t pull out all of the stops for guests. Sunday wasn’t Scripturally meant for them…it was mainly intended for the believer. Don’t get me wrong…we know that guests come to Compass Point on Sundays…and we want them to feel welcomed. We have greeters, Starbucks coffee and decent signage. We explain what each element of the service is so we don’t throw people off. However, when the preaching begins…that’s where “guest friendly” stops. Other church planters always ask me how we keep reaching people that are so far from God…it’s because we couldn’t give a rip about coddling them. People far from God…that venture into Compass Point…are already being engaged by the Holy Spirit. They aren’t looking for budget plans for their finances, their purpose in life or how to have better sex…they are looking for a Savior. If they want “self help” fluff they can get a Tony Robbins video or buy a “Marriage For Dummies” book at Barnes & Noble. If they come to Compass Point…it’s because they want to hear the Word of God…unfiltered. My job on Sunday is not to baby sit consumers…my job is to confront sin…for believers and unbelievers…through the uncompromised preaching of God’s Word.

More later



2 Replies to “Great Job Description”

  1. I spent three years trying to be something I was not as a church planter…and make our church look like other “cool” churches out there. About six months ago I stopped drinking everyone else’s Kool-Aid…and started mixing my own. It seems the ingredients were listed in the Word of God from Day #1. If only I’d have looked there first. 🙂

  2. Chris, It would be great if everyone mixed their own kool-aid and not try to be ( drop any name )Here ______
    Droscoll, keller, etc. Way too many guys try to reinvent someone elses “cool”, it just will not work.
    Blessings to you and Compass Point, they are served well !!

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