ALCC just rocks !!

rock-on.jpgI have been thinking allot this afternoon about how fortunate I am, everything seemed to click today, AY nailed the communion meditation, his love of the Lord and life just came through. My message seemed to just click right into place, it piggy backed right through JG’s Sunday school lesson, our after the service lunch was dead on, great food, great fellowship.

I preformed a 20year wedding celebration for C&R, two people I love more than anything. LH is on the mend and her joy is contagious, GH is a ROCK of Christ, his presence just reaffirmed what is good about life. Little SG, although only 4, counted off 14 fingers when i asked him how old he is.

If I could put myself in any other place in this universe, back to the future style, I do not think I would be any place other than with this group of people, ALCC is just a core group of great people, we will make it work, we will let Jesus take his place and we will make it through, Christ reigns and we serve, Rock on ALCC !!



One Reply to “ALCC just rocks !!”

  1. you ROCK!!! C&R cannot thank you enough for bringing them to a whole new area of appreciation…it was a complete reflection of 20 years and a complete renewal for the next 20 to come! Thank you so much for Blessing us with such a meaningful ceremony! We love you and appreciate all you do! May God continue to Bless you! xoxo, C.

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