Praying for other Churches

praying for churches

I just read THIS and it got me thinking, I cross paths with a bunch of Pastors-Church Planters and guys in Para-Ministry outreach. Many of them I just read their blogs, a few of them I have spoken to, emailed and visited. Some I do not know other than the blogs, some I do not particularly have much in common with , some I do not care for their styles, language etc BUT… It also happens to be Lent, so I just had an idea.

Rather than any of the above listed idiosyncrasies I have, I am going to pray for the guys I know on THIS site and for my friend at 180 Ministries in Joshua Tree and Chuck at      The Village Chapel , then there is a group of 10-15 Church Planters I see the first Saturday of the month, great guys !! to say the least.

I hope some of you can do the same. how about setting a moment in your day to help out a church that you either love or……. Dont 🙂

Remember someone else during Lent



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