Deliver a (Sermon)like Steve Jobs

Interesting read, and some thoughtful points. I used most of these in my business presentations and many of the things I learned in the business world have transfered to the way I present my sermons. HERE is the story and here are the bullet points if you do not want to read the full article. I know some of the points below are contrary to the presentation of our message, please do not slam me for listing them, I just think there are some good points in the story and we should do all we can to present the Gospel in a pleasing format.


1. Set the theme.

2. Demonstrate enthusiasm.

3. Provide an outline.

4. Make numbers meaningful.

5. Try for an unforgettable moment.

6. Create visual slides.

7. Give ’em a show.

8. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Despite your best preparation, something might go wrong as it did during the keynote. Jobs was about to show some photographs from a live Web site, and the screen went black while Jobs waited for the image to appear. It never did. Jobs smiled and said, “Well, I guess Flickr isn’t serving up the photos today

9. Sell the benefit.

10. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.


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