Carbon tax on children

Have we gone totally over the edge, a carbon tax on kids, HERE is the story, I do not make this stuff up.  My friends in  Perth must be getting to much sun, The Australian Medical Association is advocating a tax of $800.00 and a $5,000. levy to help reduce the carbon footprint of a child. Give me a break, if I list out everything I can come up with to help the environment, this would not make the cut. If they are so concerned about the physical ecology of the world, how about looking at the moral ecology of our world.

This reminds me of something a science teacher told us way back in 8th grade, 1969-70 ish, he said there is no such thing as right and wrong, it was all just a personal call, this stuff has been brewing for a long time, the new found enlightenment of the 60’s catching up to us.

This is what happens when life is cheapened to the point of placing a dollar value on a child, humanism and anti human values start to become normal.

I am all for a clean environment but this is nothing more than socialist propaganda trying to infiltrate the mainstream. It just seems to play into assigning a value on life, lets see, a child is disposable, call it choice, an older person well past their prime is just a drain on our economy, a mentally retarded person is of no value, lets just put them out of their misery. Wow,


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