SRCFC CONNECT & CLIMB in Joshua Tree, Nov 30-Dec 2


Hi All

I just received the email below from my friend Kristin, she is having an event at Joshua Tree National Park next weekend and I thought I would pass the info along.She is an on the road missionary for my friends at Solid Rock Climbers for Christ

If you are in the park this weekend or are looking for a day out, I would check it out. They are a friendly group and I am sure they would love to see you.I will see you there Saturday afternoon


(copy of schedule) I blocked her contact info, if you need to reach her let me know and I will pass it along.

Grace and peace to you in the LORD Jesus Christ!!

I am excited to meet you all this weekend in Joshua Tree!   I will be  
heading into the park today, Monday, and so I will not be able to  
respond to any e-mails or phone calls until Thursday.

The plan for the weekend is basic:  make your own plans for camping &  
climbing, and then we'll come together for campfires/games/worship/ 
prayer in the mornings and evenings.  Schedule:

	Arrive and settle, check the info board to see what site(s) we have.
	8:00pm - Campfire
	7:30am   Devotional and prayer walk around Hidden Valley.
	8:30 - 4:30  Climb!   If you have a partner, feel free to do your  
        own thing.  If you need a partner, I'd love to climb with you,
				or hook you up with someone else.
	5:30pm - Potluck dinner.  Bring whatever you've got and we'll put it  
        all together to make something yummy!
	7:30pm - Campfire (worship? hang out?)
	8:00am - Worship service:  bring an instrument and/or a bible
	9:00 - Climb, etc.!

**All events are optional, and times are flexible.  Feel free to join  
us for some or all, and let me know accordingly.
**CAMPING: Please arrive early if you are bringing friends and need a  
campsite.  If there are just one or two of you, you are welcome to  
stay at the site with me.
**Please be aware that people are bringing friends who are  
nonbelievers, so don't assume that everyone you meet is a Christian.   
Let's show the JTree climbing community that we are Christians by our  

I look forward to seeing you all on Friday.  Feel free to e-mail or  
call w/ any questions/suggestions, and I'll get back to you on Thursday.

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