Chinese government warns against papal meeting with Dalai Lama


Man the Dalai can’t seem to catch a break from the Chinese government, a few months ago he was told in no uncertain terms he was not allowed to reincarnate without permission from the Chinese high court, now the Pope is getting the cold shoulder as well. When will it stop 🙂

Anyway, in the article I read, there are so many problems that seem to jump out about this whole thing but the one that seems to bug me most is the fact that the Catholic church is seemingly speaking out of both sides of its mouth

“Relations between the Holy See and the Chinese government have been extremely delicate in recent months. Although the Vatican does not have formal diplomatic relations with Beijing, the two sides have had a series of unofficial exchanges, attempting to resolve a conflict over the appointment of bishops for the Chinese Catholic Church.”

Why in the world would the Pope want to acquiesce to the wishes of the communist regime in China, The Dalai Lama has been fighting them since 1959 holding to what he sees as uncompromising issues,The Chinese occupation of Tibet.

So, that brings me to my point,

“The Holy See insists on the right to name new Catholic bishops; Beijing is equally insistent that the leadership of the Chinese Church should not be subject to outside influence”

If the Catholic church insists on the right to name it’s own bishops, which it should. It should , if not in reality at least in theory thumb it’s nose at the government. Why would the church want a bishop appointed by the state ?

They need to try to have the same guts that Dalai has, stand up to them, but no it looks like behind the scenes the same old back room junk is still going on. Compromise of the Gospel yet again.Calling the meetings “informal” is nothing more than compromise and acquiescence .

“Informal negotiations this year seemed to have produced a tacit working agreement, under which the Vatican quietly approved a nominee chosen independently by Chinese Catholics to become the Bishop of Beijing.”

Chosen independently, PLEASE….This totalitarian regime is allowing an internal church nominee to be offered as a candidate to be Bishop of Beijing, I don’t think so.

“He continues: “The meeting with the Pope is on another level: the Dalai Lama respects all religious leaders, and all of the worlds religions, and Benedict XVI is one of the most important religious leaders in the world. Moreover the Catholic Church always speaks in favour of religious freedom and human rights”.

The Catholic church has a lot of influence in the world, their stand on human rights, their support of the poor and down trodden through Catholic charities, the unmatched support for the unborn, it is all on the line if they can not hold on to the credibility of selecting their own leadership without the influence of the Chinese government

Hold fast Ratzie


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