Nice write up in a rock climber newsletter


We had a nice write up in a newsletter to a Christian Rock Climbers group, I do not have a link to the newsletter but here is a copy of the blurb. They are going to promote the service throughout August and September to all of their members, pretty cool. They have been very supportive and easy to deal with, I hope we can keep the relatinship going and find ways to promote ministries like these.

Here is the blurb

Announcements Church Starting in Joshua Tree National Park Starting on Sunday, October 7th at 9:00 am, Church on the Rock will be only it’s very first service in Jumbo Rock Amphitheater.  They are inviting all to come as you are – camping gear, climbing gear, shorts, tee shirts, it makes no difference.  They will start on time and have you out in an hour.  Bring your coffee mug, we will have a fresh pot brewing.  Feel free to contact Pastor Mike O’Mahony (edited for email change )  or visit for more information.  We are encouraging all members climbing in JT to attend and bring climbers with them to the services.


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