Part of my vision for a church…..


I am thinking a lot about the kind of church I hope to be part of, what will it look like, what will be core to our way of doing “church” I think it comes down to a few thoughts, no particular order. I would love to see a church that develops active participation by everyone in the church, not just the chosen few.
I would love to see each of us feed each other on the Word and develop the great commission in each of our lives.

So what is a church anyway, is it the building, is it the institution, I think it can be summed up in the  community of believers, each one of us journeying together to further the kingdom of Christ on earth, using our talents to serve the people of our community and trusting that Jesus will direct our path.

Can this be done in an existing church, sure. But change is sometimes a difficult proposition. In my years in business I have found through many management books, seminars and classes that the old maxim holds true, you may have heard the 80-20 rule 80%  of production-growth- change- sales leads- effort etc is done by 20% of the team, the same holds true in other organizations and sad to say churches.

I have read somewhere that  40 % of people in churches are totally opposed to change, any change. Another 40 % will reluctantly consider change. That leaves only 20 %  two out of ten, who are open to change.

There is no simple answer. But I am sure it starts with community and a shared vision for what our church will look like.

So many churches are emptying, Many people wish for a return to the ‘good old days,’ and our young people are finding hope in peers rather than Christ. It is not all doom and gloom though. I have run into a ton of church planters that are stretching the people of their churches to become involved, it is not a one man show, there is no they and we mentality, we are all in this together.

So what kind of church would I like to see? I would love to see a church that totally empowers everyone in the church to fully develop their gifts. I would love to see a church that follows the great commission and does not see the church and its ministries as a closed circle of the elite. I would love to see a church that takes the talents of young men and totally encourages their drive to plant churches, without it becoming a profit center for  our church. I would love to see a training center fully funded so planters can come, learn, grow and go out without it being an economic burden to them. I would love to see a church that is evangelistic within our local community through real live events. I would love to see a church that reaches out to each other. Idealistic, yes, attainable, absolutely.

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