Celebration of friendship


I am a Blessed man; I have friends that mean more to me than any thing I can imagine! When I think of my circle of friends, I think of three brothers, one sister, brothers in law, sisters in law, nieces, nephews…. the circle just expands. I have two guys and myself that make up the three musketeers; Greg & Dean are more than I can ask for in friends, then there is Rick and Llori, Carl &Luanne, Ron and Robert, Brad & Lisa, the list goes on and on and at the risk of forgetting someone I will just stop there and say, man, I have a bunch of great friends.

All that being said, my thought tonight was, why do we celebrate the Lords Supper, One central aspect of Sunday is ‘The Lord’s Supper’, a meal. A symbolic meal, times of togetherness like weddings, anniversaries and Irish wakes that are still surrounded by a shared meal.

The communion table is a celebration of friendship that I think is so missing in today’s society, in my Irish family; the meal is the central point of our gathering, We huddle around the table, sharing stories, sharing love, sharing memories. I am sure one of the reasons our Lord made sure the communion table was such a great importance was for many of the same reasons, we share love around the table. When we do this in remembrance of Him, it is in love and something we look forward to.

Communion is a celebration of our shared friendship with God and friends

As our fast paced lives plod on and our sense of the need for fellowship dwindles and as our faith continues to be questioned by those in the world, remember, friendship and fellowship are two parts of our lives that we need to make us whole

Without faith, the communion table is nothing more than a ritual or superstition. Since communion is meant to be a celebration of God’s love, it cannot be meaningful without friendship, both to Christ and those that we share the table with.

So many of us today are honestly searching whether our commitment is deep enough to celebrate communion or even attend church, It seems to me that so many of us who do say this would do well to engage in the communion meal, that is the shared friendship of both the Lord and those that love you. Come on back, He is waiting.

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