A different perspective on a great post

The post in the link below was originally Written on May 16, 2006 by Darren Rowse ::
3 Factors to Consider Before Starting a Blog, Maintaining Blogging Momentum

This is the link that took me to the article, it really got me thinking, as I read well written articles, I often find myself adapting the message to see how it would apply to my journey, in planting a church.
I am not sure if the changing some key words is a cool thing to do , but

I hope with my pointing to the original work it will be ok, if not, let me know.

I have changed the words in the original post to bold font to make my point, and

stopped half way through, just to give you the idea. I really suggust you take a look at the original work and really think through what he is saying but look at it through your planting vision.

Hats off two Darren Rowse for a convertible well thought out post

Uncle Tone


As I’ve pondered how to write about maintaining momentum (this is part 2 of a series) on a blog many of the suggestions that I have have boiled down to one thing – thinking ahead.

While I know many bloggers like to blog spontaneously and to go with the flow, I’ve found that planning a Church (both before you start it and in an ongoing way) can save a lot of heart ache later on.

Following are three of the issues you might like to consider ahead of time and before you start a Church that will help you later when it comes to maintaining momentum on your Church Plant:

1. Topic breadth

Will the topic you’re considering starting a Church (about be) will it lend itself to being an ongoing project?

As I mentioned in my series introduction, there are two extremes when it comes to topic breadth that often lead to the death of a Church. The first is choosing a target group that is so broad that it becomes overwhelming and the second is choosing one that is so narrow that after just a few services the planter runs out of things to say.

One simple way to test whether a Church Plant is wide enough is to search for news on it using tools like Google News or Topix.net. Look particularly for the frequency of news on the group. This will give you an indication of whether there are stories breaking on the group that you can bounce off on your blog.

Another test is to simply brainstorm what posts you could write on the topic . Simply put down on paper as long a list of post titles as you can as quickly as possible. If after 10 minutes you only have a handful of potential post ideas you might want to either widen your topic or find another one.

2. Energy Levels

Does the Church Planting excite you? Are you motivated enough to pray,work,be lead about it for the long term?


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