Just in case you missed it

Here is the video of the CBS in your face boondoggle


I know culturally we have gotten sensitized to this stuff and it might not seem so bad but think about it, where have we come as a society. Why is it we tolerate this. I think it is incremental passivity. We do not want to be prudes, we do not want to seem Holier than thou, we want to just blend in. Well we need to draw a line in the sand.

This is the same question I asked the school board when they were discussing Nirvana, what if this was about a sacred song from the Native American hymnal, or how about a lovely tune in the Holy book of the Muslim faith, lets say it was a tune from the sacred books of the ______ fill in the blank. Society at large would blow a gasket, we need to be culturally sensitive , unless it is a Holy song that those wacky Christians hold close to their hearts.

All I ask for is consistancey in your argument, if it is fair for the goose, let the gander have the same respect.

Lay off the Christan faith


CBS Mess

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