Joy To The WHAT…..


CBS Turns ‘Joy to the World’ Into a Song About Fornication

WASHINGTON, Dec. 12 /Christian Newswire/ — “CBS Television has crossed the line in a big way,” said Douglas R. Scott, Jr., president of Life Decisions International (LDI). “In an affront to all of Christendom, the network allowed actor Charlie Sheen to change the lyrics of ‘Joy to the World’ into a song that could be called ‘Joy to Fornication.'”

This one is to vile to post the lyrics on this blog, if you want to see the spew that passes for entertainment you will need to check out the link above.

I do not know if we as Christians will ever work up the nerve to take a real stand against this kind of junk but I for one vow to start today. I am not sure of how that will manifest itself, but I think a letter to the advertisers is a start . As for me , I vow to seek out the advertisers and let my voice be known, I will NOT buy or use any of the products being hawked by these companies and I will absolutely not watch any CBS programming until this is addressed.

I am not sure why this is tolerated by not only Christians but any group that has any kind of family values. My guess is, Jews, Muslims, Protestants, Catholics and even agnostics can come to some common ground that this kind of attack needs to be addressed.

I hope we can rise up.I would start here
Mr. Leslie Moonves, President & CEO,

CBS Corporation, 51 W. 52nd St.,

New York, NY 10019; phone: 212-975-4321.

Uncle Tone


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